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The Only Back to School Checklist You Need

Can you believe it? Summer's waving goodbye and back-to-school vibes are knocking at the door! From snagging goodies off that elementary school treasure map to dusting off your superhero morning routine, we're in for a fun school year. And here's the kicker: no need to hit panic mode.

We're swooping in with the ultimate back-to-school checklist, your secret weapon to conquer it all without breaking a sweat.

Preparing for the Academic Year

Let's dive into the ultimate back-to-school game plan. For kids to totally rock the school scene, they got to be armed with the coolest supplies in town, chow down on a delicious lunch, and follow a schedule that's as smooth as a well-rehearsed dance routine. We're talking enough time to morph from bedhead to superstar, conquer the homework, kick back and relax, and handle business like brushing those pearly whites and diving into a bath time.

We're going to tackle those must have items that'll load up those backpacks, plus some slick moves to go from summer mode to school superstar. Check out this sneak peek of our agenda:

  • Updating school supplies and taking inventory
  • Making a schedule
  • Mealtime considerations
  • After school and child care considerations
  • Summer homework and tasks
  • Transportation needs
  • Bedtime schedules


Schools Supplies and Taking Inventory

Many schools put out a supply list for kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. If yours does, look it over carefully. Then, gather whatever school supplies your child has left from the previous year. Reuse what you can and then make a list of whatever you need to buy.

In addition to ensuring that you have everything on that first day of schoolteacher checklist that you received, consider:

  • Where will your child study: Do you have a designated place for studying at home where your child can work without distractions? If so, make sure it's tidy and ready for the school year. If not, take some time to set one up.
  • Technology needs: Does your child have the technological tools that they'll need to complete their homework and work on projects? Many retailers offer discounts on computers, tablets and calculators this time of year, so it can be a great time to update when ready.
  • Organization: Where will you keep school supplies at home so that your kiddo can grab what they need? Select a designated area and organize extra supplies for use at home and to replenish their supply at school as needed.


Create a Schedule

School days can be chaotic, but they don't have to be. It can be easier to navigate the day when you have a set schedule for everyone to follow. Consider:

  • What time will everyone wake up?
  • When will you eat meals?
  • When will your child study and do homework?
  • When will your child complete chores?
  • When will your child have activities?
  • When will your child take a bath or shower?
Put together a schedule that fits your family. You can then print it out and post it somewhere easy to see, or draw it on a whiteboard or chalkboard. Do your best to keep to the schedule as much as possible once the school year gets underway, but don't be afraid to revise things and be flexible as needed.


    Mealtime Considerations

    As the school bell rings again, the lunchtime dilemma is back in action. You've got options, right? Cafeteria grub might have a "meh" factor, so there's the genius idea of conjuring up a homemade lunchtime masterpiece. But no ones got time for that.

    That's where Yumble steps in, like the trusty sidekick you've been waiting for. With Yumble, your child can pick their main, fruit, veggie inspired side and snack from a variety of options.

    They get a variety packed meal that they'll be excited to eat and have the flexibility to eat different things from day to day and from week to week. Say goodbye to the lunch dilemma, and hello to hassle-free school munchies!

    Afterschool and Extracurricular Considerations

    Next, it's time to think about what happens after class. Consider:


    Transportation Needs

    You've got back-to-school covered now, so turn your thoughts to transportation. Will you be driving your child to school? Car pooling? Will they take the school bus? Rely on public transportation? Get those arrangements locked and loaded, and don't forget to give the school bus or public transport schedules a friendly nod if necessary.

    Bedtime Schedule

    Now it's time to wrap up the day in style with a killer PM routine and a rock-solid bedtime plan. First things first, lock in the bedtime curfew – it's the VIP ticket to dreamland. Next, dive into the pre-sleep rituals. We're talking teeth-brushing action, toy cleanup duty, and a cozy story time rendezvous. Lights out, dreams on – that's the grand finale!

    Add Yumble to Your Back-to-School Checklist

    You have a lot to figure out before school starts, but lunch doesn't have to be a puzzle. Leave lunchtime up to Yumble and ensure that your star student has something delicious to eat. Get together with your future Einstein and choose from our selection of pre-made lunches. If they don’t like what they see, pass them the torch and give them the ability to choose what goes in their lunch with our completely customizable lunches. A fully fed child ready to conquer their school day is only a few clicks away!

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