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7 Lunch Ideas for Kids: Kindergarten, Elementary, and More!

Ever had one of those chaotic mornings when you're juggling lunch and getting the kids ready? Yeah, we've been there too. But fear not! We've got a solution to make your life easier and your kids well-fed. Say goodbye to the lunchtime stress and hello to more fun and rewarding parenting moments. With our prepared and planned lunches, you'll have more time for the good stuff. So go on, conquer the chaos and be the super parent you were born to be.

Read on for a closer look at some of our most popular kids lunch ideas for school, including PB&J, Mac and Cheese, and Honey Nut Cheerios lunch bags.


1. Peanut Butter & Jelly-Filled Croissant Lunch Bag

Say goodbye to sticky lunchboxes with our genius PB&J croissant lunch bag! We've taken the classic kids' favorite and wrapped it up in a mouthwateringly buttery, flaky crust. No more worries about a messy disaster - our croissant contains all that gooey, sticky goodness. Plus, no need for refrigeration! These babies stay fresh and delicious in your pantry. And for the ultimate lunchtime combo, pair our croissant with other fruity treats. Your kids will be begging for more!


2. Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza Lunch Bag

Pizza, the ultimate kid's delight! And guess what? We've got a pizza lunch bag that delivers a mouthwatering, ready-to-eat personal pepperoni pizza straight to your little one's taste buds.

We include Brothers Strawberry Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps to keep things light and add a delightful sweetness. And to top it off, we've got those tangy Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Pickle Petites. Brace yourself, because your kid will be begging for this pizza again and again. So, make sure to stock up on plenty to keep those cravings satisfied!


3. Chicken Tender Bites Lunch Bag

Upgrade your little one's chicken game with these mouthwatering zesty sweet BBQ chicken tender bits from Jack Links. Packed with big-kid flavor, these nuggets are not only delicious but also nutritious. Trust us, your kid will devour the entire bag without hesitation. Turn it into a variety packed meal by pairing it with some fruit crisps, pickles, and chocolate chip cookies. Of course, these bites are awesome on their own too, making them the perfect after-school snack.


4. Mac n Cheese Lunch Bag

There's a reason why everyone calls mac n cheese "comfort food": its creamy goodness takes everyone back to happy memories of childhood. Whether your little one needs a taste of home while adjusting to kindergarten or is a bigger kid who just can't get enough of this fave dish, the Annie's mac n cheese lunch bag hits the spot. Applesauce, carrot chews, and strawberry Chex mix complete the meal.


5. Veggie-Inspired Lunch Bag

If you've got a child who is exploring being a vegetarian or you simply want to get your kids to eat more veggies, you'll love our veggie-inspired lunch bag. The main dish is a salsa verde and bean tamale so kids can feel satisfied and strong throughout their busy days. Apple crisps, carrot sticks, and strawberry Chex mix bring in more fruits and veggies for a variety packed meal.


6. Chicken Salad & Crackers Lunch Bag

Introducing our fantastic chicken salad kit! It's got everything you need - chicken salad, crackers, and a spoon for easy munching. Snack on it solo or pair it with some awesome extras like tangy raisins, Harvest Snaps, and mini chocolate cookies for a seriously scrumptious meal. This option is the definition of yummy and filling.


7. Honey Nut Cheerios Lunch Bag

Get ready to bring the smiles with Honey Nut Cheerios lunch bag. Our fantastic lunch bag is guaranteed to make your kids' day at school. Packed with Cheerios, sour raisins, Harvest Snaps, and Annie's organic cheddar bunnies crackers, it's the perfect on-the-go treat. Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. Say goodbye to boring lunches and hello to big smiles!


Kids' Lunch Ideas for School with Yumble

Figuring out easy lunch ideas for kids can take up a big chunk of your time, especially when you're already in a rush in the morning. Yumble is here to help you out with pre-planned meals that kids love. Simply pick a main entree that suits your kid's taste, then let us package a full meal around it, or build your own lunch from our many available snack and entree choices. We strive for quick, easy, and convenient, so your kids can enjoy our meals at school, at home, or on-the-go.

Say goodbye to the last-minute scramble for middle school, elementary school, and kindergarten lunch ideas. Let Yumble do the planning for you. All you've got to do is grab one of our lunches, and your kid is good to go!


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