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why are kids picky eaters

Solutions for the Picky Eater in Your Family

Meal planning for picky eaters? It's a real puzzle! You want to give them a balanced meal with all the goodies, but also make sure they won't turn up their noses at the sight of a "yucky" food. Sounds like a wild ride, right?

Well, buckle up folks, because we've got some good news for you. Understanding why picky eating happens and learning how to handle it can actually make your mealtime woes a breeze. And guess what? Yumble's got your back with meals that will have your picky eater jumping for joy at the dinner table.

Get ready to solve the picky eating puzzle with Yumble's customizable meals. Let's dive in and make mealtime fun again!


Understanding Picky Eating

What exactly is a picky eater, you ask? Well, it's simply someone who's a total food critic and only likes to stick to their trusted favorites. This whole picky eating gig usually begins during childhood, but let's not be fooled, anyone can earn this title at any age. Typically, you can't point to a single cause for picky eating. Usually, a variety of factors are often at play, including:

  • Biological factors: Digestive problems like acid reflux or constipation can make you more selective with your food. And if you're extra sensitive to smells, flavors, or textures, that could also play a role.
  • Environmental factors: Some picky eaters get anxious at the dinner table. They may worry about what's going to be served or find gathering for meals stressful due to pressure to eat everything on their plate. When nervous feelings come into play, it becomes even harder for them to be open to new foods.
  • Behavioral factors: If you have trouble sitting still at the table or had a tough time transitioning to solids when you were a baby, you might be more prone to picky eating.

Don't let picky eaters miss out on the good stuff! With a limited menu, they might be lacking the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need. But hey, let's keep things positive and stress-free at mealtime. Time to encourage those picky eaters to chow down in a way that fuels their bodies right!


Identifying the Cause

The first step to dealing with picky eaters is to pinpoint what leads to their choosiness. Some possible causes include:

  • Sensory issues: First up, sensory issues. Certain colors can be a big turnoff for you selective snackers. And let's not forget about the overwhelming smells that deter you from digging in.
  • Texture issues: Texture matters too. How food feels in the mouth can also contribute to picky eating. Those lumpy stews and casseroles? They're on your "no" list. And chewy mushrooms, gooey condiments, and squishy tomatoes? Forget about it!
  • Fear of new foods: Some picky eaters are fearful of trying new things. Choking nightmares and the fear of disappointing others can really put a damper on your culinary adventures.
  • Other emotional factors: There are also times where it’s not even about the food at all. As previously mentioned, picky eating can come from feeling anxious at the dinner table or finding meals stressful rather than an actual dislike of foods.


Why Are Kids Picky Eaters?

Picky eating: a childhood saga. Kids are just pickier because they're still growing and learning. Blame it on their sensitive taste buds and developing senses. But wait, that's not all! They also learn from their older siblings and caregivers who have their own picky eating habits.

Now, here's the kicker. How parents handle this picky eating situation can either make it worse or better. Punishing and threatening? Nope, that just makes the kids more anxious and resistant to eating. And offering bribes and rewards? Well, that's a whole new level of complexity. It teaches kids that if they hold out long enough, they'll get that special treat they're hankering for.

So, what's the secret to taming the picky eating beast? Keep reading to find out.


How to Get a Picky Eater to Eat

If punishments, rewards, bribes and threats don't work, how do you get a picky eater to eat? Following these tips will help.


Incorporate Variety

For your picky eaters, give them a taste of something new! Start with smooth foods and gradually work your way up to mashed and chopped options. Let your little ones dip their toes in the culinary pool before taking the plunge.

And to keep things safe and manageable, choose foods that are the right size and shape to prevent any choking mishaps.

But don't worry, introducing variety doesn't have to be a hassle. Yumble has got your back. We offer a delicious selection of premade lunches and the freedom to customize your own. Let your child enjoy their favorite foods while also exploring new flavors. It's a win-win! Picky eaters need a chance to experience new foods and get used to them.


Make Meals Pleasant

Mealtime doesn't have to be a recipe for stress. Help your kids unwind and embrace new flavors by following a consistent routine. But here's the twist - you don't all have to gather around the table at once. Let your little ones eat separately while you simply keep them company. Find what works for your crew and stick to it like glue.

Now, here's the juicy part. When your kiddo digs into their meal, don't push them to eat everything. Let them have fun exploring their food with their fingers, giving it a little taste here and there. And remember, stay cool as a cucumber so they stay cool too. Show them how it's done by indulging in a variety of tasty treats yourself.

And when your picky eater heads off to school, sneak a little note into their lunchbox. A little reminder of home might just do the trick and help them relax during lunchtime.


Involve Children in Food Selection and Preparation

Want your kids to actually eat their meals? Give them some control. Get them involved in the kitchen or build your own lunch on Yumble together. We've got all sorts of yummy options like mac n cheese and chicken salad. Letting your child customize their lunch guarantees they'll chow down.

Here's the deal: they have to eat a variety packed meal with a main and 3 sides.  Fortunately for you and your munchkin, Yumble makes it a breeze for kids to pick and choose what goes into their meals.


Yumble Is the Solution for Picky Eaters

There are many reasons why your kiddo is a picky eater. By figuring out the specific reasons why they turn their nose up at so many foods, you can develop a strategy to get them to eat more. Adding more variety to meals and making dinnertime more relaxing and fun and allowing them to help choose and prepare foods can also help them enjoy more complete meals.

Yumble can help make dealing with your picky eater simpler. With our meals, your child gets to be in the driver's seat, selecting their main and 3 sides. We can help take some of the fuss out of lunches and dinners while ensuring that your child eats variety packed, delicious meals. Check out our meal options now and get your picky eater excited about coming to the table.

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