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Babysitting Tips: Ensure Peace of Mind While You're Away

Ready for some serious business? Whether you're a parent hiring a babysitter or the one in charge of the little monsters, preparation is key! Planning ahead means a happy, well-fed child and some peace of mind.

No more panic when the unexpected happens or hunting for that one thing you desperately need. We've got your back with our ultimate babysitting checklist. Let's make babysitting a breeze!


Babysitter Checklist for the Parent

Parent power! When you're leaving your little one in someone else's care, you want to make sure they've got all the deets and supplies they need. Schedule a super important meet-up with the babysitter beforehand, whether it's over the phone, video chat, or in person. Get all the nitty-gritty out in the open about your family's needs and expectations. Then, you can kick into high gear and prep for the sitter. Check out our awesome babysitting guide to get in the know on everything you got to do.


Prepare Babysitter for the Job

The first thing to do when prepping for a day or evening out is to put together a note for the sitter. Include the following information, such as:

  • Age and gender: Let the sitter know the basics about your little one. Include any nicknames your child likes to be called.
  • Developmental stage: Give the babysitter a quick overview of where your child is developmentally. For babies, you can explain things like whether they're crawling or walking or eating solid foods. Let the babysitter know about older children's development as well. Are they reading? Potty trained?
  • Likes and dislikes: Create a quick summary of the things your child loves and loathes.
  • How they receive affection: Some kids love to be cuddled and held. Others like more space and would prefer a high-five for encouragement. Describe how your little one prefers affection, so the babysitter knows how to interact with them appropriately.
  • Duties and responsibilities: Create a babysitter list that describes all the tasks that you'd like the sitter to complete and when they should occur. Remember to include things like bathing, feeding, bedtime and administering routine medications as needed.
  • Contact information: Provide the sitter with your cell phone number, the name and number of someone else they can call in case of emergency and phone numbers for your pediatrician, poison control, emergency services and your utility companies.


Provide Safety Precautions

To ensure that everyone stays safe, do the following before the sitter arrives:

  • Childproof areas of your home: Installing things like cabinet locks, outlet covers and gates can help the sitter keep your child safe while you're out.
  • Identify additional hazards: For things that you can't childproof but could still pose a risk, make a written list and be sure to warn the babysitter about them.
  • Prepare an emergency kit: Ensure that the sitter has what they need to administer basic first aid and deal with an emergency by putting together a kit that includes bandages, over-the-counter medications, a flashlight, bottles of water and other essentials.
  • Make a health record document: Create a document that lists any health conditions that your child has. Be sure to include details about allergies and any medications that they take. 


Mealtime Considerations

Leave the mealtime guesswork to someone else. Yumble custom lunch bags have got your back. Say goodbye to the struggle of feeding a picky eater. Our bags let your child pick their own main and 3 sides. Or choose from our pre-made ready-to-go lunch bags.

We’ve everything from classic Mac n Cheese lunch to something different like this veggie inspired Salsa Verde tamale lunch. No more mealtime battles - just happy tummies and sitters who know what to serve. Yumble, where eating is a piece of cake!


Screen Time and Digital Safety

Bored kids plus screens galore equals a recipe for disaster. But fear not, we've got some tricks up our sleeve to save the day. First things first, set a screen time limit and let your babysitter know the drill.

And because we don't want them playing content police, make sure to install some wicked parental controls before you hit the town. Safety first, entertainment second! Let the screen time battles begin!


Babysitters' Checklist

As a sitter, you want to do the best possible job whenever someone hires you. Follow these babysitting tips to help things go smoothly.


Build Rapport with the Child

Ready to become the ultimate cool kid magnet? Make the little ones feel safe and think you're the most fun person on the planet. Don't fret, with a little prep, you'll have them hooked from the moment you walk in the door. Tip to get ready:

  • Research fun activities that are age-appropriate for the child.
  • Plan activities that tap into creativity, such as a craft, art project or performance.
  • Identify games and physical activities that you can do to keep the child active.
  • Look for educational learning opportunities that you can include in activities.


Mealtime Considerations

Feeding kids as a babysitter can be a real obstacle course. Every little one has their own food preferences and aversions. But we've got you covered. Yumble custom lunch bags are to the rescue. As previously mentioned, our lunch bags are customizable so you can have peace of mind that the child you are taking care of will eat a meal they actually like.

All you have to do is communicate with the parents. Have them select which ready to go lunch bag their kids like. You can have them tell you what entrees, veggies, fruits and snacks they like so you can order customizable lunches for the kiddo. Show up with a lunch bag packed with their favorites. It's like magic and makes your job way easier!


Reinforce Rules and Limits

Complying with parents' rules, schedules and limits is vital to your success as a sitter. Be sure to explore the following with the parent before they leave:

  • Meal restrictions: What’s the scoop? Are their things the child isn't allowed to eat or is allergic to?
  • Screen time limits: Time to spill the beans on screen time! How much Youtube, gaming, and phone action is allowed for the little one?
  • Outside time: How much fun in the sun is allowed and what are places to avoid?


Stay Organized and Flexible

As soon as you have the list of expectations from the parent, it’s time to make a game plan for the day or night. It's all about smooth sailing and happy kids, so having a schedule is key. Stick to it like glue, but keep a little wiggle room just in case things go longer than expected or the 'rents are fashionably late.


The Ultimate Babysitting Checklist

Whether you're a parent or a babysitter, planning ahead for a babysitting appointment can set you up for a successful, stress-free experience, and when it comes to meals, Yumble can make a big difference. Check out our custom lunch bags to see how easy it is to create a personalized complete meal that will have your child saying yum at meal time.


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