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after school program benefits

After School Program Benefits: Your Essential Checklist

After school programs are fantastic activities that elementary, middle, and high school students get to participate in once the official school day ends. These programs aim to enrich kids' lives by offering a safe space for them to socialize and connect with their peers. It's no surprise that the popularity of after school activities continues to soar due to their numerous benefits. 

Now, you might be wondering: what makes these programs so important and beneficial? In this guide, we will delve into the answer by exploring the advantages of after school programs and provide you with a practical checklist to help prepare your child for attending one in your area. 

Benefits of After School Programs 

Kiddos and teens gain valuable advantages from engaging in after-school activities, benefiting them academically, emotionally, and socially. These programs can also be highly advantageous for parents. Let's explore these benefits individually. 


Certain afterschool programs concentrate on academics, with teachers offering assistance to individual students or groups requiring support in subjects such as mathematics, reading, or foreign languages. Additionally, there are community-based homework programs that allow students to complete assignments and request help from adults present on-site as needed. 

Peer tutoring programs serve as a prime example of academic-focused after school activities. These programs pair students who excel in specific subjects with those who require additional assistance. During sessions, tutors have the opportunity to reinforce crucial concepts and aid with homework. 

Academic after school programs foster a more laid-back learning environment, offering students personalized attention that may be lacking during regular school hours. Consequently, these programs mitigate the risk of students falling behind and potentially contribute to improved grades. 

Enrichment and Emotional Development 

Lots of after school programs are super cool activities that let students explore their passions. These awesome after school activities include: 

  • Arts and crafts classes 
  • Vocal and instrumental music 
  • Drama and musical theater 
  • Sports 
  • Student newspaper 
  • Yearbook 
  • Creative writing and poetry workshops 
  • STEM programs 
  • School clubs devoted to specific interests like chess club and Spanish club 
  • Service-oriented clubs and activities 

Engaging in enrichment activities not only promotes learning, but also provides emotional benefits. Pursuing personal interests can be an effective method of easing stress, anxiety, while also boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Social Development 

After school programs provide students with an opportunity to socialize beyond regular school hours. Through engaging in activities together, kids and teens can forge new friendships and reinforce existing ones. 

Moreover, these programs encourage students to work collectively towards shared objectives, fostering the development of problem-solving and communication skills. Additionally, they instill a sense of teamwork that aids students in becoming more adept at collaborating with others across various environments. 

Benefits for Parents 

As mentioned earlier, afterschool programs offer benefits not just for children but for busy parents as well. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their kids are in a safe environment while participating in after-school activities.  

They can conveniently pick up their children later or utilize the time to run errands and manage household tasks. Engaging in discussions about the activities can also foster lively dinner conversations, facilitating stronger connections between parents and their children.


Creating an After School Checklist 

Many parents hesitate to enroll their kids in after school programs due to concerns about planning. Balancing work and home responsibilities can make adding another task daunting. However, there is good news. Getting your child ready for after school activities becomes easier when following a systematic approach. Similar to a back-to-school checklist, utilize an after school checklist as a starting point to plan your own. 

Create a Routine 

The first step to getting your kiddo involved in after school activities is creating a routine for picking them up.  

When does the program end and where is it located? If the timing conflicts with your existing schedule, check to see if your child can go home with a friend or if you can take turns driving with another parent.  

Once you have an established routine, stick to it as much as possible to make the pickup process smooth. 

Gather Supplies 

Next, gather whatever your child needs to participate in the activity. For academic afterschool help, create homework folders that they can fill up during the day and present to their teacher or tutor afterward.  

Check with the organizer of enrichment activities to find out if they'll need sporting equipment, art supplies and other items. Make a list of required gear and materials, so you can cross them off as you retrieve them. 

Figure Out Food 

By the end of the school day, most kids are ready for a snack, but that doesn't mean that you have to worry about stuffing a second lunch bag for your child or giving them a huge cooler to lug around.  

Yumble makes after school snacking simpler with our meal solutions. Need on the go, prepackaged snacks?  Our easy lunch ideas for kids offer convenient prepackaged lunch that make it easy for you to send them off with their favorite foods during and after school.  

They are also shelf stable, meaning there is no need for refrigeration or ice packs. All you have to do is flip that lunch bag around, and voila. You'll find a nifty list of expiration dates for all the goodies inside. So, when you're digging into your lunch, just peek at those dates and snack away!

Got a picky kiddo? Well we’ve got kid-friendly meals for picky eaters. Our Build Your Own Lunch Bag, which allows your child to select the components of their snack with just a few clicks. Their custom lunch bag arrives already packed and ready to put in their backpack to enjoy during their after school activity. 

We’ve even got snack packs too. Choose from a 5 pack of: 


How Yumble Can Support Your Child After School 

After school activities can help students grow academically, develop interests and passions and cultivate valuable social skills while improving their parents' time management. The above after school checklist simplifies planning for programs, making it easy to get your kids involved. When it comes to the after school snack, Yumble has you covered. Shop our line of Ready to Go Meals and or Build Your Own Lunch Bag to get your kiddo ready to fuel up after school. 

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