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lunch ideas for work

8 Easy Lunch Ideas for Your Busy Work Day

Are you tired of boring, unsatisfying, and inconvenient lunches at work? What about not having enough time to plan every single meal? If so, you have come to the right place.  

Whether you struggle to find the time and energy to prepare delicious work lunches for yourself or are tired of wasting money on food you don’t like Yumble is the solution.  

With our tasty, easy lunches for work, you'll never have to worry about scrambling to pack a lunch or packing foods you aren’t psyched about. Our entrees and sides provide you with the ability to create a fully customizable meal that includes an entrée, your choice of fruit or vegetable inspired side and plenty of snack options. What's more, all of our complete meals are shelf-stable, so there is no need to refrigerate your lunch at work.  

Here are 10 of our most popular lunch ideas for work that will keep you satisfied throughout the day. 


 1. Pepperoni Pizza

Who doesn't love a good pizza? Our ready-to-eat pepperoni pizza lunch can be eaten straight out of the package, with no heating required.  

Of course, you are welcome to warm it up if you prefer it that way. This pizza has only 280 calories, but it also packs in 10 grams of protein to get you through your workday. Your coworkers are sure to be envious of your delicious pizza while they're stuck with the same-old, boring sandwich or salad. 


 2. Mac n' Cheese

A classic for all ages. Eat comfort food wherever whenever with our ready to go mac and cheese lunchbag. This delicious, mac n cheese made with real aged cheddar comes with apple cinnamon sauce and carrot chews. 

Annie's Mac n Cheese consists of 200 calories and 7 grams of protein. And you're a big fan of Annie's brand try Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies crackers in a pack of 5.  


3. Chicken Salad

    Our chicken salad entrée is light and refreshing, yet still filling and satisfying. The chicken salad on the go comes with crackers for dipping, and it also includes a spoon for spreading, so you won't need to worry about remembering to pack your own.  

    It is ready to eat whenever, wherever, so you can enjoy your lunch at the office on a busy day or head out to get some fresh air during your lunch break.  


    4. PB & J

      Take a break from your busy workday to feel like a kid again with our peanut butter and jelly croissant. It is convenient and ready to go, wherever you choose to eat your lunch.  

      The peanut butter fills you up, while the jelly adds sweetness to please your palate. This lunch includes 360 calories and 5 grams of protein to keep you going throughout your day. 


      5. Tuna Salad

      Like our chicken salad option, the tuna salad entrée comes with crackers and a spoon for easy eating on the go. This light and filling entrée will make for a perfect work lunch. It has 300 calories and 7 grams of protein. It is a delicious meal to get you through your day.  


       6. Chicken Tender Bites

        Here's another easy lunch for work that takes you back to your younger days. These chicken tender bites from Jack Links evoke jerky bites we know you love, but with a twist. These chicken bites are packed with the tangy barbecue flavor makes the experience more suited to grownup tastes. With only 70 calories but packing in 7 grams of protein, this is a lunch you can feel good about eating. 


        7. Green Salsa Tamale

          If you frequently find yourself hitting up a taco truck for lunch at work, you are sure to enjoy this delicious bean tamale with salsa verde. Stuffed with garbanzo and mayocoba beans, this Mexican delight includes a salsa of tomatillo, cilantro, and a hint of Serrano pepper to give it a bit of a kick without being overly spicy. Ready to eat straight out of the package or warmed up in the microwave, this vegan-friendly entrée has just 250 calories and includes 6 grams of protein. 


          8. Honey Nut Cheerios

            Looking for something a bit simpler? Or maybe breakfast for lunch? Try our Honey Nut Cheerio Lunch bag. This classic cereal has the right stuff to make lunch the meal of your dreams. Try this option as a smart lunch idea for work. 


            Work Lunches Made Easy with Yumble 

            If you struggle to come up with easy lunches for work each day, you'll love the wide variety of options we offer here at Yumble. Choose from our pre-made lunches, or customize your own to suit your taste.  

            All of our lunch bags include a main entree, like those listed above, as well as your choice of fruit, vegetable inspired side, and snack options to create a complete meal. With our lunch ideas for work, you'll never have to scramble to pack something at the last minute, have to do dishes at the end of a long work day or be stuck eating the same that you don’t even like. 

            Browse through our vast selection today to see how much better your daily work lunch could be. Order our on the go lunches for multiple days to make your meal planning as easy as can be. With Yumble, delicious work lunches are just a few clicks away! 

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