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5 Ways to Improve Your Kids School Lunch

The quality of school lunches for children has been a hot topic for many years, with parents expressing concerns about making sure their kids eat during the school day so they can be productive and focus on learning. Many schools also struggle to provide appealing meals due to their limited budgets. Therefore, not giving students foods they love. 

To keep food costs to a minimum, they often resort to the same meals over and over again, which can be boring for kids. Preparing a varied lunch for children to bring from home every day can be time-consuming for busy parents, not to mention expensive.  

Fortunately, there are ways to improve school lunches for your children without breaking the bank. Here at Yumble, we provide ways to create better school lunches by: 

  • Provide variety in school lunch  
  • Promote the incorporation of fruits and vegetables  
  • Add new foods 
  • Include foods they love  
  • Easy and convenient options  

To read more about how Yumble makes school lunches better, continue reading.  


Keeping School Lunches Fresh 

While it is admirable that schools do their best to provide delicious, nutritious meals for students, school lunches aren't without their share of drawbacks. From a lack of differentiation and customization to a dearth of fruits and vegetables, here's a closer look at some of the most common school lunch problems and solutions for each of them that we can provide. 


  1. Provide Variety

Many schools follow a set menu every week, so your kid will be eating the same rotating meals all the time. Furthermore, there are generally minimal options to customize the meal to each child's taste. If a kid doesn't like the meal or snacks provided, they may not have any other options to get the nutrition they need to get through the school day successfully. 

With Yumble, you and your child can customize each prepared lunch. Each component of the meal is interchangeable. From chicken salad with crackers to a kid favorite like Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnieswe have a wide range of options to choose from.  

Your child can choose something different to eat each day while also getting more of what they truly enjoy and less of what they dislike. Because your child can pick the foods for themselves, there will be minimal risk of half the lunch coming back home because they didn't want to eat it. 


  1. Promote Fruits and Vegetables

Schools do their best to incorporate fruits and vegetables in a kid schools' lunch in order to provide a balanced lunch. They don’t, however, always have the best options which leads children to disregard their fruits and veggies we know parents want them to eat.  

When you order a school lunch for your kid through Yumble you know exactly what fruit or veggie inspired side they are going to get. This means you can test whether or not your kid likes it and plan accordingly to achieve a variety packed meal.  For example, this  fruit inspired lunch bag is a perfect way to get them to eat their fruits.

This ensures your child is getting their daily dose of variety, and that they'll enjoy it too. 


  1. Add New Foods

As mentioned previously, school lunches typically serve the same meals week after week.  

This can get incredibly monotonous and doesn't give your child the chance to expand their palate with a variety of offerings. This can result in picky eaters becoming even pickier, as they aren't often exposed to new foods that they might actually enjoy if they gave them a try. 

Yumble lunches offer so many options so it's easy for your child to try new foods. We update our selection with new meals and snacks that kids love, so your little one will have plenty to look forward to in their lunch bag each day. 

You never know when they might discover a new favorite that they'll ask for again and again. 


  1. Include Foods They Love

We understand that you want to make sure your child eats their lunch. To many times, parents hear from their kids that they didn’t eat their lunch because they thought it was gross, or that they weren’t hungry. Then causing them to lose focus in class and enable bad behavior.   

Yumble is here to help.  We’ve created convenient, customizable school lunches that allow you to know exactly what your child is getting so you can feel confident that they eat and have a productive day at school.  


  1. Consider Convenient Options

While some schools provide free lunches, that isn't always the case. You may often find yourself scrambling at the last minute to find some cash to send to school with your child.  

Even then, there is always the risk that they might lose their money or inadvertently forget it in the car at drop-off, leaving them without the funds they need to purchase lunch. 

Yumble eliminates this problem by enabling you to purchase a a number of non-perishable items all at once. This way, you'll know for sure that your child will have lunch ready to go each day. There will be no more need to rush around in the morning to ensure they will be properly fed. 


The Innovative Option for Better School Lunches 

If you have been on the search for how to improve school lunches for your child, you can end your search here at Yumble. We have tackled the most common school lunch problems and provided an easy, convenient, and affordable solution for your family.  

From our simple Ready-to-Go lunch bags that take all of the guesswork out of preparing lunch for your child to our fully customizable lunch bags that give you plenty of options, you'll have everything you need to give your child the delicious options they deserve. When children are adequately fed and satisfied, they are set up for success in school and beyond. 

We welcome you to check out the myriad options we have available for your child. You are sure to find something that will appeal to your kid.  Start shopping with Yumble today to make school lunch problems a thing of the past. 

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